Smart migration, in SIMATIC S5 project

The ES connector provides positive benefits, when migration old S5 system to latest system.

If you need to migrate the system in a short period of time, you can complete many tasks beforehand and start work involving system outages.

ES-Connector does not need to touch old wiring, so you can delete unexpected troubles as much as possible. Engineers can check the program early in project.

If you find a decisive mistake, you can restore it to its original state in a short time. (it's Not good, but risk management)

Customers can resume production with only short facilities downtime. Constructor and customer will be able to share benefits.


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In Customer's application, multiple control cabinets are dispersed by IM 308 interface(6ES5 308-3UA12).
Many input/output modules are operated in each cabinet through the ET100 module(6ES5 318-8MA11).

The customer requests "shortest production stop" to the engineer.

Engineers adopt ES100 Connecor.
They completed a lot of work in advance and made the downtime shortest.

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